Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Christchurch Snowstorm

On Sunday night it was quite cold, and we'd had snow and sleet flurries during the day.  On Monday morning we woke up to about 6 inches of snow, and it was still snowing.  We turned on the TV and heard that the University of Canterbury was closed, roads were dangerous, and most businesses and offices were not opening that day.  We later found out that the buses stopped running as well.  By the end of the day about a foot of snow had fallen.  Snow only falls a few times a year in Christchurch and usually it's just a trace that quickly melts.  This time the large snowstorm was followed by record cold (about 23 F) that left lots of rutted ice on the sidewalks and streets which made travel on Tuesday (all day) and Wednesday morning quite slippery.  This storm was apparently the worst in about eighteen years.  We enjoyed having a snow day (the University didn't open until 11:00 AM on Tuesday).  Cindy taught the neighbor kids how to make a "snow buddy".  The family is originally from Zimbabwe, so we think they may not have seen a large snowstorm like this before.  Then, on Wednesday afternoon, it got up to 57 F.  Someone said to us that New Zealand is where you get four seasons ... sometimes in the same day.

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